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E-Learning Solution Posted by Charmaine Ciceron

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In every call center, when we heard the word workforce management software we tend to think about the agents shift depending on the volume of the calls. Workforce management scheduled representatives according to the high and low call volume. Most call centers is dealing with their staff’s training and coaching problem that leads agents not to performing the role very well.

Call center companies now realize the importance of e-learning system. Instead of having overtime for training why don’t use of the time with fewer calls coming in and take advantage of it using e-learning solution. With this, training schedules are effectively and more likely to get followed by the agents. This web-based e-learning solution can be done during shift on their desk or in any end point on the contact center network.

The problem is how training and coaching are scheduled. We often think of a schedule that is precise so that it will not have a negative effect on customer interaction and services.

Global Response is currently working on it and making sure that it will not only serve the customer well but also treat the staff right.

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