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Press Release May 26th, 2010 Austin, Texas USA Alton Martin, CEO of SPOT Consulting,, Senior Adviser for Benprise, & CEO / Co-founder of COPC, will be visiting Kuwait and Jordan May 28th to June 2nd

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Press Release
May 26th, 2010
Austin, Texas USA

Alton Martin, CEO of SPOT Consulting, Senior Adviser for
Benprise, & CEO / Co-founder of COPC, will be visiting Kuwait and
Jordan May 28th to June 2nd 2010 to announce new SPOT certification for Contact Centers. Alton will be joined by Melinda Gonzalez Sandlin, of
Benprise and will be conducting a Middle East & Gulf Region Training
Needs Analysis along with a survey of MENA Contact Center Certification requirements.

About Alton Martin: Alton is the CEO SPOT Consulting.
Alton will lead the engagement from SPOT Consulting LLC. Alton has more
than 25 years' experience and ground-level involvement in the services
industry and was instrumental in the creation and the ongoing
development and global deployment of the COPC®️ Family of Standards.
Those standards were the industry's first performance management and
certification systems for call centers.

Alton uses his hands-on experience to assist clients in assessing and
improving contact centers’ capabilities. His expertise in technical
support and customer service translates operational excellence into
financial benefits. He has conducted several hundred operational
audits/reviews and vendor assessments globally. Alton has worked with
clients in Egypt, England, France,
Germany, Ireland, Sweden, India,

Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Central and South America, as well as
Canada and the United States.

Prior to establishing SPOT Consulting LLC, Alton was the CEO and one of
the co-founders of COPC Inc. Prior to COPC Inc., Alton was the General
Manager of Hart Graphics’ contact center and distribution fulfillment
business. Additionally, he was the Channel Sales Director at GENICOM
Corporation and at IBM, a senior sales representative for Financial
Services and Retail clients. Alton earned his MBA, as well as the
faculty award for academic excellence, at the Darden School at the
University of Virginia.
He earned his BA at Tulane

About SPOT:

SPOT Consulting LLC offers clients unprecedented access to expertise,
experience, and the latest tools and technologies to help them to run
their own contact centers or to be a top tier outsourcing organization.
Our philosophy is based on the premise clients deserve the freedom to
have a wide range of solutions presented and the freedom to be fully
engaged and gain knowledge based on facts. Our clients and and SPOT
staff will collaborate to develop the best solution and implement it in a

timely fashion.

SPOT utilizes the skills, expertise, and experience of a diverse set of
experts and technology providers. For instance, one of our technology
partners has a tool that in real time analyzes over 30 million calls a
day to find and address "outliers". These can then be re-routed on the
fly to specialized teams in order to address low First Call Resolution
rates and thus increase customer
satisfaction. This tool also
identifies fraudulent calls from hackers and others who have hijacked
the telephony network at your expense. Another partner has the best
tool to capture performance data to manage vendors and infrastructure
providers in an outsourced environment. Our people are industry experts
with domain expertise in the contact center industry. Your project
will be staffed with these experts who will help you achieve your
objectives in a timely and efficient fashion.

About Benprise:


The Official Contact Center Service Providers

Benprise has 10 years experience as a company helping firms take
advantage of the new “flat world” economy of the 21st Century. Benprise
has helped firms successfully launch their business in North America,
Latin America, the
Middle East, and Asia

Benprise has experience helping firms with all phases of Contact Center,

Call Center, Offshore
Outsourcing, BPO and Near-shoring initiatives;
including certification, project management, site selection, management
consulting, recruiting, training, capabilities assessment, diagnostics
and work force management. Let Benprise help you today with your Contact

Center performance.


Contact Melinda Gonzalez Sandlin at
for more detail or to participate in the visit and market Certification
Needs Analysis.

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