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How to Become a Call Center Director

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1How to Become a Call Center Director Empty How to Become a Call Center Director on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:29 am

How to Become a Call Center Director
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A call center director manages the daily operations of a customer service or sales-oriented call center, including staffing and scheduling, implementation of all workforce management software, and the meeting of sales goals or quotas. As a call center director, you will be involved in a fast-paced, noisy and possibly stressful environment, where organizational and multi-tasking skills are of paramount importance.

Become a Call Center Director

Step 1
Gain the required experience to become a call center director by getting at least 1 year of management experience in a call center or customer service work environment. While a college degree in business management, accounting or finance may be helpful in getting your resumé noticed, many call centers prefer to promote someone from within who understands their specific way of doing business.

Step 2
Possess an extraordinary attention to detail. A call center director must excel at multi-tasking and organization, since the work flow and the constant monitoring of data can seem overwhelming at times.


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