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WANTED: Female that speaks Arabic & English for Call Center Manager Position February 03, 2011

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WANTED: Female that speaks Arabic & English for Call Center Manager Position
February 03, 2011

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The position of Call Center Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, enhancement and support of call center systems, technologies and strategies. Duties and responsibilities include:
Managing a team of inbound & outbound call center representatives directly and directing/overseeing their daily activities for the achievement of call center targets and goals.
Managing the overall performance analysis of existing operations including inbound call handling, outbound sales unit and customer retention unit.
Developing and supervising a team of representatives and preparing their performance reports.
Developing new lead targeting schemes, and scripting for the optimization of existing programs; participating in marketing campaigns and product launches.
Monitoring team performance to ensure that the call center goals are met and supporting call center quality and training efforts.
Identifying and articulating reporting requirements, which includes targets, specific data, and anticipated outcomes.
Identifying, recommending and supporting the implementation of various programs for the improvement of call center processes.
Developing and maintaining policy and procedural documentation pertaining to overall operations.
Writing and conducting performance evaluations, making employment decisions, setting up performance goals and targets for assigned team.
Attaining sales, quality control and customer service goals.
Promoting the image of the Bank in a professional and positive manner.
Promoting sales culture that encourages and ensures the staff satisfaction.
Additional requirements listed on a call center manager job description may include:
Motivating call center agents to achieve high performance
Overseeing the design and delivery of all training programs
Monitoring calls for quality assurance
Recruiting and hiring new personnel
Handling escalated concerns that fall outside the scope of floor supervisors.
Skills and Specifications
Ability to work efficiently in a high demand, team oriented, and fast-paced environment.
Ability to maintain customer confidentiality.
Solid communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to express ideas in clear and concise manner.
Solid problem-solving skills and excellent Management skills.
Ability to think tactically and identify significant success factors.
Education and Qualifications
Bachelor's degree in administration, management or any related field from an accredited institution.
Minimum of 7 years of experience in the field of contact center management activities.

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