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Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Fractions and Interaction with Mitochondria

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Popescu and Diculescu north exposure segregated smooth muscle SR into three regions: peripheral, deep, and central. In general, the peripheral SR is located close to the plasma membrane and sometimes in apposition with the caveolae (equivalent to junctional SR described above). This SR element is in contact with the deep north exposure dvdpositioned near the myofilaments and is in continuity with the central SR deeper within the cell and associated with the nuclear membrane (Forbes et al., 1977, 1979). Notable details of the analogy of smooth muscle SR to that of striated muscle have been painstakingly pointed out by Forbes et al. (1979) who described as “peripheral SR” the collection of saccules, tubules, and cisternae lying north exposure dvd set close apposition (gap of 10-20 nm) to the inner plasmalemmal surface. true blood on dvdfunctional implication of the peripheral SR is that it dampens the impact of the basal Ca2+ entry by acting as a “superficial buffer barrier” (SBB), which then reinforces this buffering capacity by causing a vectorial extrusion of Ca2+ to the extracellular space (van Breemen et al., 1995) north exposure dvd boxset. Another implication of the close apposition of the SR and plasma membrane is that sufficiently high concentrations of local are reached to activate the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger and also to activate spontaneous outward K+ currents. This was recorded by Tomita and Bulbring (1969) and later visualized and described in detail by Nelson et al. (1995).

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