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SPOT - Searching for the Truth!

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1SPOT - Searching for the Truth! Empty SPOT - Searching for the Truth! on Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:58 pm

About SPOT:

Who We Are

SPOT Consulting LLC offers clients unprecedented access to expertise, experience, and the latest tools and technologies to help them to run their own contact centers or to be a top tier outsourcing organization. Our philosophy is based on the premise clients deserve the freedom to have a wide range of solutions presented and the freedom to be fully engaged and gain knowledge based on facts. Our clients and SPOT staff will collaborate to develop the best solution and implement it in a timely fashion.

The founder, Alton Martin, has been a major contributor to the contact center industry since 1993, having worked in over 40 countries on every continent except Antarctica. Today's contact center environment changes weekly with new technologies, new industries being served, and new pressures applied on management. Regardless if the organization is a non-profit, government agency, private enterprise, or public company these changes are coming ever faster and with bigger impact. The reaction to these changes is what is important ignore them at your peril.

We have seen all too many times that what the clients needed wasn't part of the “standard solution” and improvement opportunities were lost. SPOT has just the opposite approach to get to the “right answer” you need clear success criteria, a wide range of options and potential solutions, the best people and the most appropriate use of technology to execute the chosen solution.

SPOT utilizes the skills, expertise, and experience of a diverse set of experts and technology providers. For instance, one of our technology partners has a tool that in real time analyzes over 30 million calls a day to find and address "outliers". These can then be re-routed on the fly to specialized teams in order to address low First Call Resolution rates and thus increase customer satisfaction. This tool also identifies fraudulent calls from hackers and others who have hijacked the telephony network at your expense. Another partner has the best tool to capture performance data to manage vendors and infrastructure providers in an outsourced environment. Our people are industry experts with domain expertise in the contact center industry. Your project will be staffed with these experts who will help you achieve your objectives in a timely and efficient fashion.

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