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Bad service must hit results

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1Bad service must hit results Empty Bad service must hit results on Thu May 12, 2011 8:05 pm

our article on Pick n Pay’s shocking results (Money & Investing April 22) buy northern exposure DVDrefers. I can find nothing in the article which mentions anything about customer service. This seems to be a sad reflection of the views of financial people who attribute a downturn url=]Northern Exposure Seasons 1-6 DVD Boxset[/url] in profits to everything except the possibility that customers may be unhappy about service and are thus shopping elsewhereThe article talks about the emphasis being placed on the recently launched Smart Shopper loyalty programme and says northern exposure seasonsit has already attracted 2,4m customers. But will Pick n Pay keep these customers if service is not good?

I go every now and then to the Pick n Pay Hypermarket in Norwood to cheap northern exposure DVDassist my wife or sometimes to buy some computer items. A surlier bunch of employees I have yet to find. They are mostly rude and unhelpful buy northern exposure DVDand get in the way of customers by strolling down the aisles side by side, talking away .shop northern exposure DVD I have sympathy with management because of labour laws , but management must take responsibility for poor service I think this has become worse over the years and would suggest that this lack of customer care probably plays a big part in the slump in profits.

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