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Top five benefits of speech analytics for the call center

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Top five benefits of speech analytics for the call center
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Speech analytics is one of the fastest growing segments of the call center technology market, according to analysts and experts. Speech analytics tools are appealing because allow companies to take action on unstructured data from customer interactions and gain rare insight about their customers. When used properly and with call center best practices, speech analytics software can give a company a significant competitive advantage.

When used effectively, speech analytics can help to:

1. Improve the customer experience

According to experts, improving the customer experience is one of the main reasons companies deploy speech analytics technology in the first place. Speech analytics software mines and analyzes audio data, detecting things like emotion and stress in a customer's voice, the reason for the call, the products mentioned and more. Users can quickly identify a customer's needs, wants and expectations, and work to meet them.

Even though it is a relatively new technology, call center expert Donna Fluss sees the speech analytics market growing at a rapid pace. In 2007, the number of speech analytics implementations increased to 1,242, a 106% jump from 2006. Despite poor economic conditions, DMG Consulting forecasts the speech analytics market to expand by 70% in 2008 and 50% in 2009.


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